What is the bbg

The Best Business Guide is an independent customer research organisation which has been operating for 17 years. It was created for the local market and based solely on the Isle of Man.

Each year we survey the whole Island asking consumers to recommend businesses, based on their experiences. Businesses who reach a strict qualification level are then included the Best Business Guide and www.bbg.im

42,500 Guides are produced and distributed to every address on the Island. The website is visible all year round.

The Research

Research is key to the bbg concept.

Each year bbg Survey Questionnaires are sent to every home and business address on the Island.

All returned questionnaires are checked and validated.

Online research is conducted all year round via this website.

Bespoke research is also undertaken all year round using our Customer Feedback Service .


Businesses qualify via customer recommendations.

We have a set standard which businesses must reach to qualify.

The qualification standard considers the quantity, quality and frequency of comments.

Negatives feedback is also taken into consideration.

Every businesses must qualify each year to appear in bbg publications.

All businesses on our website have been recommended by their customers

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